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Updated: Jan 2, 2023

A Cycle Of The Moon

Poetry Chapbook, 2020

When the Covid lockdown hit in Spring 2020 and my son's spring break went on for 6 months, I found myself writing poems on my vintage typewriter at my kitchen table, chronicling the daily experience of being at home. I developed a practice I call Writing

To The Yes, noticing what is present in the moment, around me, and within me, and writing till I feel like I've connected to the essence of the life force flowing through the moment. . . finding the YES. I did several poem series in this way (I'll share more later), and this one follows a cycle of the moon. It's actually the second time I did this process, writing a daily poem following a moon cycle (hence it is Volume 2). The first Volume I wrote in 2015 and haven't assembled into a book yet. This one got completed because the Gabriola Arts Council gave out a series of Micro Grants to Artists pivoting their work during Covid. I used mine to buy a new printer and put a little handmade book together.

I currently have six copies of this book available if you'd like to have one. Send me $17 and I'll stick it in the mail for you!

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