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Moonsister April Newsletter 

& Current Offerings


Doing some things I do. . . . 

  1. Herbalism. . . . 

  2. Tarot Card Readings . . . . 

  3. Poetry & Art. . . . 


Hello friends, we are nearing the Full Flower Moon, which is energetically a great time to put yourself out there. . . . are you feeling the call to make an offering to the world, to share the work you do, to reach out and be seen? (Let me know how this energy is showing up for you!)


I have spent the last year moving into my new home, making art, and on a shamanic journey of chronic migraines (because health crises are wise and challenging spiritual teachers, if you are willing to engage with them). This month I’m beginning a process of sharing my art, because that is where the journey is leading me. 


Here are some things I am offering this month, a special bonus this week, and my new art series you can follow online. Sign up below to join my email list to receive future offers, artist updates, and moon reports.  

  1. Tuning In Wellness


I have spent the last few months tuning in deeply to support my wellness, and the herbalist in me is awakening with the spring. I’m planning a bulk order of Lavender Essential Oil, and have a couple herbal salves available for order. 


Lavender Essential Oil:

High quality therapeutic grade Essential Oil, this is what I use in my herbal products and soap. And what I love to use with Epsom Salts in the bath. Because I buy it in bulk, it is much cheaper than what you’d pay in the store. 

  • If you want the highest possible therapeutic quality, organic oil is also available at about double the price. . . I find the non-organic suitable for most uses. 

  • Essential Oils you buy in the store usually come in a 10 or 15 ml bottle for $15 or more. This is a good size bottle for regular use.

  • Other oils available by request (prices vary). 


$10 for 15 ml bottle 

$20 for 50 ml bottle


Hippy Deodorant Salve:

I have tried all the natural deodorants over the years and always found they either don’t work, or can cause irritation and clogged pores. I was so excited to discover that Coconut Oil’s natural antibacterial properties mean that it functions as a mild deodorant. Paired with Essential Oils of Patchouli (the classic hippy deodorant substitute, which both kills bacteria and overpowers odours) and Lavender (also antibacterial, and mellows the earthy Patchouli scent somewhat), I find it’s the best natural deodorant I’ve ever used. 

*It’s NOT as strong as an antiperspirant, but is an effective, safe alternative. 

**As it is oil based, if you are wearing delicate fabrics, give it a few minutes to fully absorb before dressing (to avoid risk of oil stains).


$12 for 30 ml tin 

Scent Options: 

  • Lavender Patchouli (I find this combo the most effective, and get lots of compliments that I smell great. . . though I’m sure some people are silently judging me as a hippy weirdo, which is fine. . .)

  • Patchouli Vanilla (Sweet & Earthy. . . the Vanilla mellows the Patchouli scent even more than the Lavender)

  • Lavender
  • Vanilla

  • (Open to custom requests. Many Essential Oils are antibacterial and would be effective in a deodorant blend.)


Calendula Healing Skin Salve (& Breastfeeding Balm): 

I made up a batch of this for my friend with a new baby. It is deliberately as simple as possible to heal up breastfeeding nipples while being safe for newborn babies. It’s just Calendula flowers infused in Coconut Oil (all organic and/or home grown). My friend asked me to keep it coming, so I’m making up a big batch. 


It’s useful to help heal any skin irritations: cuts, scrapes, rashes, infections, chapped/dry skin. Safe for use on broken skin and sensitive body parts. 


$12 for 30 ml tin


*Orders will be ready in early May*


  1. Moonsister Tarot Card Readings


Some people think that a Tarot Card reader tells you what your future holds. I think of it more as a tool for asking questions, identifying the energy patterns that you’re in, and activating your own intuitive connection. This may include suggestions about what the future might bring, but it’s more about connecting to the wisdom beyond the logical mind. It is a great tool for assisting decision making. You don’t have to believe in any kind of magic, energy or psychic consciousness for this to be a worthwhile psychological process. 


My practice in the Art of Symbolic Thinking can help you Tune In to your own Inner Knowing and Subtle Superpowers. They’re there, I promise. 


$30/$60/$90 for a 30, 60 or 90 minute Zoom Video Call

(In person sessions possible by request). 

Can be substituted or combined with an Astrology or Energy Reading, or Moon Tune-In.



Order any Herbal Product (or my Book, or a Reading) by this Thursday (April 14), 

get a FREE 3-Card Tarot Reading (15 minutes) 

(or $15 off another Reading) 


  1. Art of Yes


I’ve started a new social media series called #ArtOfYes: 100 Days of Sharing My Art. I initially thought I would make a daily post, but quickly realized I wanted to go more in depth, preparing something to show for each of the past projects or works in progress that I share, so I’m aiming for a weekly post. Posts will be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and my website .


#ArtOfYes #1 is my poetry chapbook, A Cycle of The Moon.


#ArtOfYes #2 is my Toes In Sand photo series.


Happy Spring!
-Erin Moonsister
*Contact me on Facebook, Instagram or Email to order, or subscribe for future newsletters*
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